Animal Encounter

Activities on the Farm

Enjoy front row access to the real working farm at Wunderlich Farm. Here you will learn from the specialists who feed and care for these animals every day. Along the way, you’ll encounter big life lessons about animal husbandry, life cycles, silly and surprising behaviors, and the ways that animals are just like us! Watch your furry friends eat, take turns petting them, and even learn where they love to be scratched (for lambs, it’s on their jaw!).

Pet the Animals

Get up and close with the animals and even pet some. Learn interesting “Did you Know Facts.”

Man and child feed goat

Feed the Animals

Bring a quarter and buy feed for the animals. What does it feel like to get licked by a goat?

Baby Animals

Watch as baby animals interact and learn from their mamas. Learn from the experts what it takes to raise these babies.

Work Like a Farmhand

If the time is right, staff members might ask  you to help feed the rabbits or brush a goats coat.