Oct 28

Join us for our annual Fall Festival and market on Oct 28th. $5 wristband allows you to play the carnival games and a pony ride. History, petting zoo, vendors and the best weather of the season. Free admission and entertainment from the Celtaire String Band. 18218 Theiss Mail RT rd 10-3 pm.

New Horses

Our new horses meeting our existing horses. We are keeping them separated for a few days as they get to know each other.

Spring Chicks

Spring checks are starting to hatch. Nine of 13 new baby chicks hatched this morning. Proud mama.

Thank you Lowes

We just wanted to say thank you to Lowes. For the past 4 years they have provided our vegetables for planting every Fall and Spring. This is what we will be planting tomorrow morning. If you looking to start your own garden please support the Lowes at Cypresswood and 249.

Gracie and babies

Gracie and her bunnies getting some needed exercise out of the cage this morning. Babies eyes are open and they are curious to explore. Tuesday they will be 2 weeks old.


I love when the harvest starts to come in. 

Work animalsĀ 

What do you do when you have large limbs down from a storm? We just let the lambs and goats out to start clean up.   

New Chick

This is our first true Wunderlich Farm chick. Egg was laid and hatched right here at the museum. We can’t wait to see how many more of our eggs hatch.   


Looks like we are making progress with Fritz. It appears it has bed ridden before since he didn’t care one bit when I put the saddle on him. Moving in the right direction.      

Adventures of Fritz and Lena!

If you have been following the adventures of Lena and Fritz you know that we have been working on trust. Part of that includes getting a halter on them along with a lead rope. Lena is much further along than Fritz. Well this morning we were able to get the halter and lead rope onto Fritz. We were able to touch … Read More