When is Heritage Day???

Last Saturday in May

What Time is Heritage Day???

10 am - 4 pm and it's FREE to get in!!!

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Activities During Heritage Day

Heritage Day is a chance to step back into the p[ast and to interact with the past.  From sitting and chatting with our spinner or dancing to our dulcimers and flute players, we will transport you back to the town of Big Cypress. 

Each year we bring in a different guest visitor like Liberty and Justice for the enjoyment of the visitors.  What will we bring in this year? You’ll just have to come by and see. 

Try your hand at the branding irons or visit our Civil War encampment and get mustered into service. Drill with the infantry and get ready for action. Ask questions and find out just how itchy that wool uniform really is. 

To top it all off we offer a great market to shop it as well. From farm vendors to craft and clothing vendors, you will certainly find something to take home with you. 


See what it takes to turn raw wool into usable yarn.


Crafts are set up across the property. Make a candle the old fashion way, burn a brand into a piece of wood, or make some jewlery.

Civil War Camp

Visit with the 13th Infantry and get mustered in. See what camp life was like during the Civil War.


Take a turn and help get the garden ready for summer crops. It’s not as easy as it looks.

Mingle with the Locals

Learn about our residents as you explore. They are happy to tell you the latest gossip or maybe even have you help with their chores.