What to Expect

This house was built in 1882 near Falvel Road and Spring-Stuebner Road, not far from Krienhop Elementary. The first occupants were the August and Dorothea Kreinhop family. Mr. Kreinhop purchased 248 acres from Jacob Strack to build a house.

In 1917 the home was sold to  Ed Hildebrandt for $6,000 dollars. Ed Hildebrandt married Lydia Theiss and they raised three children in this house: Melvin, Vernon and Louise.

The house showcases the time period between the 1940’s and 1950’s. Early telephones, radios, televisions and electric kitchen appliances will be featured in the house.

You can visit the herb garden outback and learn about what herbs were used to keep bugs away or to cook with. 

Time to Cook

If you time your visit just right you might be able to help out in the kitchen. Cooking was much easier in the 1940’s. 


Join us in the parlor and listen to radio shows like Superman and Gunsmoke.

Unique Artifacts

Do you know what this is? An iron that runs on gasoline . Found in the 1938 Montgomery Ward catalog.

Visit the Garden

The Hildebrandt House has a superb butterfly and herb garden. Can you find the natural bug repellent?

Photo Gallery