Klein, TX

The Klein, TX Museum houses some of the earliest artifacts from our community. Look through artifacts associated with early jobs of the community. Early household items such as razors, curling irons, and teapots. War relics from the Civil War, World War I and II along with early army radios.

Discover early forms of entertainment and watch the evolution of the radio from the 1915 Victrola up to an early 1950’s radio with an 8 track player and radio.

Can you discover the keys to the original Klein High School?

World War II

We have many artifacts on display associated with World War II and World War I.


Our museum┬áhas 100’s of photographs of our founding families giving visitors a glimpse into their everyday lives.

Early Farming

Our museum isn’t limited to the one room. Instead it extends and covers the whole 20 acres. You can visit and explore many of the earliest used farming machines of the early Klein Community.

Early Textiles

What items were used to make clothing, drapes, or even underwear?