Go to school in a one room school house and discover what it was like to go to school in 1925. Can you imagine all grades being in one room? Practice your math and reading skills. Then practice your penmenship skills with our ink and dip pens.

Your school day just isn’t complete without playing some recess games. Bean Bag toss, yard darts and drop the hanky are all waiting for you just outside the doors.


Schools don’t look like this anymore. Step back in time and compare our modern schools to an original 2 room school house.


Sit in one of our desks and start your math lesson taken from a 1920’s math book. Are you up to the challenge?


School wouldn’t be complete without recess. Corn cob yard darts, bean bag toss, or maybe sack races.

Dip Pens

Practice your penmanship with our dip pens. Can you write a letter to a loved one this way?