I love when the harvest starts to come in. 

Work animalsĀ 

What do you do when you have large limbs down from a storm? We just let the lambs and goats out to start clean up.


New Chick

This is our first true Wunderlich Farm chick. Egg was laid and hatched right here at the museum. We can’t wait to see how many more of our eggs hatch.



Looks like we are making progress with Fritz. It appears it has bed ridden before since he didn’t care one bit when I put the saddle on him. Moving in the right direction.


Adventures of Fritz and Lena!

If you have been following the adventures of Lena and Fritz you know that we have been working on trust. Part of that includes getting a halter on them along with a lead rope. Lena is much further along than Fritz. Well this morning we were able to get the halter and lead rope onto Fritz. We were able to touch him a bit and finally we were able to get him and Lena tied off to a post. This is part of the process of getting them to depend on me and building trust. We have to wear them down some. Here is a picture of Fritz tied off to the post. He isn’t super happy, but we are making progress with both mules.


Haude Family

This doll bed was made by Carl Haude for his grandchildren. The doll also belonged to the grandchildren of Carl Haude. The dolls name is Dimples. This is currently on display in the Peter Wunderlich Homestead. All to often during tours we overlook some of the coolest artifacts. Thank you to the Haude family for allowing this to be a part of the Klein, TX museum.



This farm wagon belonged to William Krahn (1859-1931) who came from Germany with his parents in 1860. William gave the wagon to his son Sikon, when he got married in 1922. Simon have it to his son, Earl, when he began farming in 1945. The wagon dates back to 1890. 

Simon’s aunt, Ephrsine, loved in Bellville. One time the Krahns hitched up the wagon and went to visit her. Bows, like the ones pictures here, were placed so the wagon could be covered. The wagon had to ford the Brazos River to reach Bellville and Agatha, Simon’s wife, was so frightened she kept her eyes closed the entire time.


Thank you

A huge thank you to everyone who came out during the Old Fashion Christmas Market. You donated over 2000 canned goods for Trinity Lutherans food pantry. Thank you thank you thank you 

Market is open.

The Old Fashion Christmas Market is open and in full swing. Where are you??



We are getting the candle making station ready for Saturday. Have you ever made your very own candle? Visit us in Saturday during the Old Fashion Chrsitmas Market to for a chance to make your own candle.  Then visit our vendors and Santa. Try making a rag doll for a gift or just for your self. 10 am -4pm $1 and a can good for entry. 18218 Theiss Mail Rt Rd. Right next to Doerre Intermediate School.