Peter Wunderlich

Activities on the Homestead

The cornerstone of Wunderlich Farm is the 1891 house built by the youngest son of the first Wunderlich immigrant, Johann Peter Wunderlich. It was built nearly 200 years ago, and first served as the residence of Peter Wunderlich, his wife Sophie Krimmel Wunderlich and their 12 children.

In the house and its surrounding buildings, you can explore how this area of Texas was settled. Visit the heirloom vegetable gardens and barns filled with tools that served the people of this community.

Snack Time

Explore the Peter Wunderlich Homestead and compare it to where you live today. What is different?

New Inventions

Explore the Ulrich Barn where we have several modern inventions that changed the way we farmed the land. 

Enjoy the Breeze

What was there to do when you weren’t doing chores? Sit outside and chat with your siblings. 

How Does a Garden Grow

Walk through and work in the garden. Imagine having to grow all your own food. What would you eat?